Cyber Protection Is More Than Insurance

No matter what your business, cyber-attacks are an increasingly common occurrence.  They not only affect the Internet, but also attack your core business systems.  In addition to your cyber liability coverage, you need to implement risk management support. 

What are the components of a risk management solution?

A recent article by Phil Britt on eSecurity Planet provides a great outline analyzing what is cyber security risk management along with the risk management process to apply to your business.

There is also an in-depth report you can download called “The Ultimate Guide to IT Security Vendors” which can assist you in learning about the potential threats to your business and what vendors specialize in cyber prevention.

A program that has strong risk mitigation precautions, coupled with extensive employee training, the proper software, and incident response protocol will help to protect your business. Cyber-crimes are not going away and businesses need to be vigilant in its prevention.

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Source: eSecurity Planet

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