Hotel Insurance


If you own or operate a hotel, then we are your go-to insurance provider for hotel insurance. Insuring a hotel is imperative. With the number of employees you have and guests staying on property, you assume a high level of risk every single day. We have got you covered with hotel insurance. Our expert team of hotel insurance agents has experience with the ins and outs of what it takes to operate a hotel. You and your employees work hard to ensure that your guests have the best experience possible. We work just as hard for you as you do for your business. Take the guesswork out of hotel insurance. Allow us to take care of your hotel insurance needs.


Caring for your guests and your team is an essential aspect of what you do. Creating an environment that your guests can have a premium experience in and those things run smoothly takes a lot of work on your part. You have invested so much of your time, money, and energy into your business. It only makes sense to protect it adequately.


What is Hotel Insurance?


Hotel insurance is a kind of insurance that is designed specifically to meet the insurance needs of hotels. Generally, these policies are written as packages. The packages contain multiple individual coverages. Individual coverages included within the overall package are customized for each hotel and its unique situation. The various coverages within a hotel insurance package are designed to protect you from the many risks you assume by owning and operating a hotel. Things like employee mistakes, destructive behaviors of guests, injury, property damage, reputational concerns, breakdown of equipment, food contamination, and even natural disasters can all cause extreme financial strain on your business. That is where hotel insurance comes in. Hotel insurance protects you and your business.


What is Covered Under Hotel Insurance?


Due to the simple fact that hotels often need many kinds of coverages, hotel insurance policies have many different facets to what they cover. In broad terms, hotel insurance packages generally can be broken down into two categories, liability coverages, and property coverages. Liability coverages typically protect the business from claims or lawsuits that accuse the company of causing some level of harm to the claimant. Some liability coverages included in hotel insurance packages are general liability, premises pollution liability, cyber liability, employment practices liability, commercial auto liability, food-borne illness liability, and liquor liability.


Other than a liability, property coverages are the next category of coverages included in a typical hotel insurance policy. Property coverages are there to protect the hotel property itself. This can consist of buildings, other structures, equipment, and inventory. Property coverage protects these things from covered perils. Some property coverages include general property, equipment breakdown, crime, food spoilage, utility interruption, earthquake, flood, and wind. Lists of coverages are not all-inclusive. If you do not see a specific coverage listed here, we can likely help with it. Speak to one of our hotel insurance agents for a complete package quote for your hotel.


What Businesses Need Hotel Insurance?


Put simply, any hotel, motel, or extended stay type facility should consider purchasing hotel insurance. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of these businesses. Hotel policies will consider the many rooms hotels and motels have and each place’s amenities for their guests. Some bed and breakfast type establishments may benefit from hotel insurance, but usually, an insurance professional can find other insurances to meet the slightly different needs of these smaller operations. Since bed and breakfasts typically have fewer rooms and fewer amenities, hotel insurance may not suit them. The only way to find out is to speak with one of our hotel insurance agents and see what we can do to protect you and your business.


Key Takeaways


Whether you own a hotel or a motel, hotel insurance is needed to protect your business from the daily operational risks you assume. You may have coverage already, but is it enough? Your coverage may not be fit for your unique needs. Even if you are already insured, meet with one of our hotel insurance experts to complete a review of your coverages. If you own a hotel, you need to protect it from risks. Let us help your hospitality business with a hotel insurance policy. Contact our experts today!

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