Employment Practices Liability

To give you an idea of how expensive Employment Practice claims can be, we are providing the following Claims Examples

Sexual Harassment

Repeated comments made by a manager in a morning meeting. Three former employees allege sexual harrassment.


A supervisor left her job alleging sexual harassment from her subordinates.


Wrongful Termination

Shortly after several female employees complained that the CEO was sexually harassing them, the CEO was terminated under the pretext of performance regardless of the recent raise he was given.


A human resources director was advised to terminate an investigation of allegations of sexual harassment by an employed doctor. She was subsequently terminated from her position.


Age Discrimination

A 62 year old employee successfully sued his employer for age discrimination because the company failed to document the employee's poor performance in not meeting expectations.


Racial Discrimination

A patient of Indian decent sued for racial/ethnic discrimination after an employee was caught on surveillance dancing around the office with a towel on his head.


Religious Discrimination

An employee sued after it was learned that she was not a Christian and she was passed up for a promotion. The company had stated that they would only hire Christians.


Disability Discrimination

A Human Resources Manager told a disabled job applicant that they had no openings for persons in wheelchairs.


Gender Discrimination

Female employees of a company requiring a strength test for career advancement sued. 100% of those that passed the test were men.


Hostile Working Environment

An African-American sued after quitting his job, alleging that his supervisor created a racially hostile environment and that an outranking African-American manager failed to investigate the complaints.


Breach of Contract/Misrepresentation

A medical professional brought about an EPLI suit when his medical practice failed to provide an adequate patient load, support staff and office space for his needs. The doctor sued for breach of contract and misrepresentation.


Harassment & Emotional Distress

An invited guest of a summer associate to a picnic was subjected to derogatory remarks by an alcohol fueled partner while other partners stood by idle. The guest sued for harassment and emotional distress.


Coverage Definition

Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects you from actual or alleged claims of: Sexual Harassment; Wrongful Termination; Failure to Promote; Sex, Age, Race, Religious, or Disability Discrimination; Hostile Working Environment; and Other Types of Harassment & Emotional Distress. It can be endorsed to protect the entity from 3rd party claims (patients, vendors, other members of the public) alleging discrimination.

What is Employment Practice Liability?

Employment Practice Liability protects you from actual or alleged claims of:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Failure to Promote
  • Sex, Age, Race, Religious or Disability Discrimination
  • Hostile Working Environment
  • Other Types of Harassment & Emotional Distress
  • It can be endorsed to protect the entity from 3rd party claims (patients, vendors, other members of the public) alleging discrimination.

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