Our Process

Our primary objective is to make certain you have the protection you need before a loss occurs. We do this through a very specific, 3-step process.

Step 1: Identify & Analyze Risk

What can happen to you, your family, your home, your automobiles, your business, your employees? We ask probing questions to ensure we uncover risks. We then analyze how likely those risks are to happen and their consequences to you.

Step 2: Evaluate & Treat Risk

We engage with you to determine how you want to handle these risks. Do you want to accept the risk? What can be done to avoid the risk? Can you reduce the risk? Or would you like to transfer the risk through purchasing insurance? If we agree that insurance is the best treatment, we search the market for the best coverage at an affordable price.

Step 3: Monitor & Review

Each year we review your insurance by reaching out to you to find out what’s changed in your life that may affect your risk. For example, have you purchased or sold property? Changed your lifestyle? Hired an employee? Expanded your product offerings? We then amend your insurance portfolio to address such changes.

Our process is our process and we apply it to all our clients no matter how large or small, personal or business, we do not discriminate. After all, our business is to protect your assets. That’s what we do.

Right coverage. Right choice. Every time.