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As your premier retail insurance agency, Wright-Gardner Insurance offers businesses a safe haven from the seemingly complicated world of retail insurance. We complete an in-depth analysis of your business needs so that we can provide comprehensive insurance solutions to protect what matters most to you and your business. With our team and our experience working for you, you’ll have peace of mind and the protection you deserve.


What is Retail Insurance?


Retail insurance generally protects you and your business against liabilities such as customer slip and fall incidents, property damage, theft, and employee injuries or illnesses. Any store owner who has experienced any of these issues knows how important it is to have adequate coverage. Some businesses that should have retail insurance include jewelry stores, florists, pet stores, clothing and apparel stores, grocery and liquor stores, electronics stores, and more. The specifics of the coverage you need depends on the type of retail business you own. Whether you operate entirely online, in person, or a hybrid version, the kind of retail insurance you need will be unique to your situation. Anyone who owns a retail business needs retail insurance coverage.


How Much Does Retail Insurance Cost?


Each business is exposed to its own unique level of risk. Costs will vary from business to business. Your rates depend mainly on the individual qualities of your business, including location, personal property, employees, and other factors. For example, a smaller online business with no storefront would expect their retail insurance to cost significantly less than a larger business with a physical building and multiple employees. The only way you can get the actual cost of retail insurance for your business is to meet with one of our retail insurance agents. We will obtain the information needed to provide you with an actual quote.


What Does Retail Insurance Cover?


There are many types of retail insurance. Retail insurance can cover things like liability, commercial property, personal property, employees, and company vehicles. Depending on the kind of policy you need, you will have different coverages. Each retail insurance policy is as unique as the business. Some policies can also be grouped together to provide adequate coverage for your business. It really all depends on the details.


Types of Retail Insurance


  • General Liability – An essential coverage for retailers, general liability protects against financial liability or lawsuits resulting from incidents or accidents such as injury to a customer. General liability, often referred to as business liability insurance can protect from claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, etc. These issues can occur during standard business operations.
  • Business Owners Policy – Business owner’s policy or BOP protects your storefront, commercial building, and personal property. A business owner’s policy combines property and liability coverage into one package. It is common among small or medium-sized retailers like restaurants, wholesalers, retail stores, or contractors.
  • Workers’ Compensation – Workers’ compensation provides coverage for your employees if they become ill or injured while on the job. Workers’ compensation can cover some costs associated with medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation. If you have even just one employee, workers’ compensation is required in most states. You must be protected because if you forego this coverage for any reason, you put your business at risk for lawsuits and fines.
  • Commercial Auto – If you have a business vehicle, like a delivery van, commercial auto offers protection for various vehicles or trailers commonly used in retail businesses.


Key Takeaways


As a retail business owner, you take many risks simply operating on a day-to-day basis. Ensure that you have the right coverage with adequate limits for your business. There is not a one size fits all retail insurance policy. We work with business owners like yourself to uncover your company’s specific needs and work to provide you with adequate coverage at the best price. With retail insurance, you can protect your business against liabilities like slip and fall, theft, and more. Contact us to find a retail insurance policy!

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